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Our Panchang is a comprehensive Vedic calendar that includes all the important dates, festivals, and planetary movements of the year.Read More

With our Panchang, you can check the auspicious timings for starting a new venture, buying property, getting married, or any other important event in your life.

Our Panchang is easy to use and accessible to everyone. All you have to do is to enter your location details. Our advanced software will then generate a personalized Panchang for your location, which includes all the important information about the planetary positions, tithis, nakshatras, and muhurtas.

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What is Panchang

Panchang is a traditional Vedic calendar system used to determine auspicious times and dates for important events such as weddings, religious ceremonies, and festivals.

The word "Panchang" is derived from Sanskrit and means "five limbs" or "five attributes," referring to the five aspects of the calendar system: Tithi (lunar day), Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), Yoga (auspicious or inauspicious planetary combinations), and Karana (half-day).Read More

Panchang is based on the position of the sun, moon, and planets and is calculated using complex astrological algorithms. It provides information on lunar phases, planetary positions, and auspicious timings for various activities.

Panchang is also used for horoscope matching, and many people consult it regularly for important and planning Read Less

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The Concept of Shubh Muhurat (auspicious Time or Period)

In Vedic Astrology, Shubh Muhurat refers to the auspicious time or period suitable for starting a new venture or performing a significant task. The concept of Shubh Muhurat is based on the positioning of planets and stars and their effect on human life.

The determination of Shubh Muhurat involves the calculation of various astrological factors such as the positions of the planets, nakshatras (constellations), tithis (lunar days), and yoga (auspicious combinations of planets). Based on these factors, astrologers identify the most suitable time for starting a new project, undertaking a journey, or performing a religious ritual.Read More

There are several types of Shubh Muhurat, such as:

  • Marriage Muhurat: A favorable time for solemnizing the wedding ceremony.
  • Griha Pravesh Muhurat: A suitable time for entering a new house or office.
  • Business Muhurat: An auspicious time for starting a new business or venture.
  • Vehicle Purchase Muhurat: A favorable time for buying a new vehicle.
  • Namkaran Muhurat: A suitable time for naming a newborn baby.
  • Mundan Muhurat: An auspicious time for performing the first haircut of a child.
  • Annaprashan Muhurat: A favorable time for the introduction of solid food to an infant.
  • Vidyarambh Muhurat: A suitable time for starting formal education.
  • Yagna/Hawan Muhurat: An auspicious time for performing religious rituals and fire ceremonies.

It is believed that performing any significant task during a Shubh Muhurat ensures success and good fortune in the future.

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What's Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal (also known as Rahu Kalam or Rahu Kal) is a period of time during each day considered to be inauspicious in Hindu astrology. It is a time when it is believed that any new undertaking or important work should be avoided as it may lead to negative outcomes or obstacles.

Rahu Kaal is calculated by dividing the time between sunrise and sunset into eight equal parts, with the period of Rahu Kaal being the eighth part of the day. The duration of Rahu Kaal varies depending on the length of the day, and it can be different for different locations and seasons.

What's Abhijeet Muhurat

Abhijeet Muhurat is a highly auspicious time period in Vedic astrology that is believed to be the most favourable for commencing any new venture or undertaking, such as starting a business, getting married, or buying a property. It is considered to be one of the most powerful Muhurtas and is believed to bring success and prosperity to the individual or individuals involved in the particular venture.Read More

The Abhijeet Muhurat occurs during the daytime and is calculated based on the position of the sun. It is said to be the 12th period of the day, which varies depending on the geographical location of the individual. It is believed that during this time, all the planets are in a favourable position, and the energy of the universe is at its peak, making it an ideal time to begin a new venture. The duration of Abhijeet Muhurat is usually between 48 to 60 minutes, and it occurs every day.

The calculation of Abhijeet Muhurat is based on the position of the sun and the time of the day. The Muhurat is considered to be a period of 48 to 60 minutes, which falls during the daytime. Here's how the calculation is done:

Determine the duration of daylight: The duration of daylight varies depending on the location and time of year. The duration of daylight is divided by 8 to determine the duration of each Muhurat.

Find the time of sunrise: The time of sunrise is used as the starting point for calculating the Abhijeet Muhurat. The duration of the daylight is divided by 8 to determine the duration of each Muhurat.

Determine the time of Abhijeet Muhurat: The Abhijeet Muhurat occurs during the daytime, between sunrise and the time when the duration of the daylight is divided by 8. This period is then divided into eight equal parts, and the Abhijeet Muhurat is the 12th part of this period.

Calculate the exact time of Abhijeet Muhurat: The exact time of Abhijeet Muhurat may vary slightly from day to day, depending on the position of the sun. The exact time can be calculated using a Panchang, which is a Hindu astrological almanac that provides information on the position of celestial bodies.

It is important to note that the calculation of Abhijeet Muhurat is considered to be a complex process and should only be done by an experienced astrologer or Panchang expert.Read Less

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