Red Coral Gemstone or Moonga

Red Coral Gemstone or Moonga

The Red Coral, known as 'Moonga' in Hindi, is a revered gemstone associated with the planet Mars or 'Mangal'. Recognized for its vibrant red color, Moonga is often recommended to individuals with Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs, as it is thought to mitigate the malefic effects of Mars and boost one's energy levels.It is often recommended to individuals seeking to strengthen their Mars-related influences in their birth chart. According to Vedic traditions, wearing a Red Coral is thought to bring about positive changes in one's personal and professional life, promoting success and prosperity.

What is Coral or Moonga?

Coral, or 'Moonga' in Sanskrit, is an organic gemstone formed from the hardened skeletons of sea creatures called polyps. Characterized by its striking red color, Coral also comes in other shades like white and pink. In Vedic astrology, Coral is associated with Mars (Mangal), symbolizing energy, courage, and vitality.

Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstone

Gemstone Coral Benefits :

  • It's believed to imbue the wearer with courage and the ability to overcome obstacles and adversaries.
  • Coral is said to aid in the enhancement of mental concentration and physical strength.
  • It is also known for its protective properties, particularly against evil spirits.
  • Coral can promote healthy blood circulation and aid in the healing of blood-related disorders.

Who Can Wear Coral Gemstone?

Individuals with a weak or adversely placed Mars in their horoscope can benefit from wearing Coral. It is particularly beneficial for Aries and Scorpio ascendants, as well as those in need of a boost in energy and confidence.

How To Wear Coral Gemstone : Rituals and Mantras

  • Coral should ideally be set in gold or copper and worn on the ring finger.
  • Tuesday morning during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon) is the best time to wear Coral.
  • Cleanse the ring in Ganga Jal and chant the Mars mantra, 'ॐ मंगलाय नमः' (Om Mangalaya Namah), 108 times.

Negative Effects of Wearing Coral

Unsuitable Coral can lead to aggression, rash decisions, and health problems related to blood circulation and heart.


Which Rashi is Suitable for Coral

In addition to Aries and Scorpio, individuals with Leo, Cancer, and Sagittarius signs can also experience the positive effects of wearing Coral.

Which Rashi Should Never Wear a Coral

People with conflicting astrological charts, particularly Taurus, Gemini, and Libra, should avoid wearing Coral as it can bring negative consequences.

What is Coral Gemstone used for?

Wearing Coral is primarily to strengthen Mars in the horoscope, bolstering courage, vitality, and leadership qualities.

On which Finger Coral Gemstone should be worn?

Wearing Coral on the ring finger of the right hand is recommended in Vedic astrology for its positive impact on vitality and courage. This finger is associated with the planet Sun, and the vibrant energy of Coral is believed to harmonize well with Sun's influence, promoting strength, passion, and overall well-being.

How to Take Care of Coral Gemstone?

To maintain Coral's vibrancy, avoid exposure to chemicals and extreme temperature changes. Clean it gently with a soft cloth.

What type of Coral gemstone should be worn?

  • Preferred Metal for Coral
  • Coral is best set in gold or copper to maximize its astrological benefits.

  • Ideal Weight for Coral
  • The recommended weight for Coral is at least 3 Ratti (approximately 2.7 carats) to be effective astrologically.

  • Best Quality Coral
  • The finest Coral is uniformly colored, without any spots or blemishes, and has a smooth surface. Italian and Japanese Corals are highly regarded.

What are Some Alternatives to Coral?

Red Carnelian is considered a substitute for Coral, though it offers milder effects.

Which Ascendants Should Wear Coral?

Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, and Sagittarius ascendants can greatly benefit from wearing Coral.

Which Ascendants Should Never wear Coral?

Taurus, Gemini, and Libra ascendants are generally advised against wearing Coral.


Coral, with its dynamic energy and astrological significance, is a gemstone of vitality and protection. In Vedic astrology, Coral is associated with the planet Mars, symbolizing courage and strength. Wearing Coral is believed to enhance one's physical and mental well-being, providing a shield against negativity.

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