Pearl Gemstone or Moti

Pearl Gemstone or Moti

The Pearl gemstone holds great significance and is known as 'Moti' in Hindi. This luminous gem is associated with the Moon and is believed to enhance emotional balance and tranquility. Wearing a Pearl is thought to bring about a calming influence, promoting harmony in relationships. It is particularly recommended for individuals born under the sign of Cancer. According to Vedic traditions, the Pearl is considered a symbol of purity and is often worn for its astrological benefits, fostering a sense of peace and well-being.

What is Pearl Gemstone or Moti?

Pearl, or 'Moti' in Sanskrit, is an organic gemstone formed within the shells of mollusks. Unlike other gemstones, Pearls have a unique lustrous sheen and are available in various shades, from classic white to grey, yellow, and even black. In Vedic astrology, Pearls are associated with the Moon, symbolizing emotions, peace, and mental balance.

Benefits of Wearing a Pearl

Wearing a Pearl offers numerous advantages:

  • It is known for its calming and soothing effects on the mind.
  • Pearls help in balancing emotions and are beneficial for individuals with a temperamental nature or emotional instability.
  • They are believed to enhance personal integrity, creativity, and bring prosperity.
  • Pearls are also said to have healing properties, particularly for mental health issues and insomnia.

Who Can Wear Pearl Gemstone?

Pearls are particularly beneficial for individuals with a weak or negatively positioned Moon in their horoscope. They are advantageous for Cancer ascendants and those seeking emotional stability and mental peace.

How to Wear Pearl: Rituals and Mantras

  • Pearls should ideally be set in silver and worn on the little finger.
  • Monday morning during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon) is the best time to wear a Pearl.
  • Before wearing, immerse the ring in Ganga Jal or milk and chant the Moon mantra, 'ॐ चंद्राय नमः' (Om Chandraya Namah), 108 times.

Negative Effects of Wearing Pearl

If unsuitable, Pearls can lead to lethargy, mood swings, and a lack of motivation or emotional imbalance.


Which Rashi is suitable for Pear Gemstone

Cancer sign individuals are most suitable for wearing Pearls. However, it can also benefit Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio sign individuals.

Who Should Never Wear a Pearl

People with an adversely placed or malefic Moon, especially Aries and Virgo ascendants, should avoid wearing Pearls.

What is Pearl Used for?

Wearing Pearls is primarily for soothing the emotional aspect of life, enhancing mental clarity, and improving relationships.

On Which Finger Pearl Should be worn?

Wearing a Pearl on the little finger of the right hand is a significant practice in Vedic astrology. The little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, and it is believed that adorning a Pearl on this finger can enhance communication skills, intelligence, and overall mental clarity.

How to take Care of Pearl Gemstone?

To maintain its sheen, Pearls should be kept away from harsh chemicals and cleaned gently with a soft cloth.

What type of Pearl gemstone should be worn?

  • Preferred Metal for Pearl
  • Silver is the most auspicious metal for setting a Pearl to maximize its astrological effects.

  • Ideal Weight for Pearl
  • The recommended weight of a Pearl is at least 2 Ratti (about 1.8 carats) to harness its full astrological potential.

  • Best Quality Pearl
  • The finest quality Pearls are those that are well-rounded, lustrous, free of blemishes, and have a smooth surface. Natural Pearls are highly prized.

What are some Alternatives to Pearl?

Moonstone and Opal are considered substitutes for Pearl, offering similar but milder effects.

Which Ascendants Should Wear Pearl?

Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus ascendants can greatly benefit from wearing Pearls.

Which Ascendant Should Never Wear Pearl?

Aries and Virgo ascendants are generally advised against wearing Pearls.


Pearl, with its gentle aura and astrological significance, is a gemstone of emotional balance and mental peace. Its association with the Moon in Vedic astrology aligns it with the realm of emotions, promoting harmony and tranquility. Wearing a Pearl is believed to not only enhance emotional well-being but also foster intuition and a deeper connection with one's inner self.

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