Vishakha Nakshatra

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra Mythology & Secrets in Vedic Astrology 


                               विशाखा नक्षत्रं इन्द्रसुतात्मजा धनदायिनी,
                               भगवद्विद्यार्थप्रदा प्रज्ञानरूपिणी।
                               संपन्नवृत्ता श्रुतिसंपन्ना प्रियवादिनी,
                               विशाखा नक्षत्रं ज्योतिषे शुभविभागः॥

                     Vishakha Nakshatra,the daughter of Indra,bestower of wealth, 
                     Bestower of divine knowledge and wisdom,embodiment of wisdom.
                     Endowed with righteous conduct,enriched with scriptures,a speaker of pleasant words, 
                     Vishakha Nakshatra is an auspicious division in astrology.

RANGE: 20° 00’ Libra- 03° 20’ Scorpio


SYMBOL: Triumphal Arch



ORIENTATION: Facing downwards

QUALITY: Sharp and Soft

COLOUR: Golden

The Sanskrit root of the name Visakha means ‘two branches.’ This nakshatra is associated with the planet Jupiter. There is a sense of duality with this nakshatra as there are two residing deities in the Vishakha Nakshatra. I.e, Indra and Agni. Individuals under this nakshatra often thrive towards a single goal in their lives. These natives are loyal and are fixated on a single goal. This nakshatra is ruled by the deity indragni and is closely associated with marriage. This nakshatra is ruled by Indragni. Indragni is the dimorphic pair of Indra and Agni. According to mythology, this nakshatra is also ruled by Radha. Vishakha is the only nakshatra ruled by two deities Indra who is the lord of thunder and Agni who is the lord of fire. Indra was a very powerful god but was engaged in bad habits such as drinking, gambling, etc. He was not able to detach himself from the luxuries of life. One day Agni was hungry and he needed to engulf the entire khandava Vana to satisfy his hunger but lord Indra was continuously coming in the way but causing rains and storms. Later Arjuna who is the son of Indra fought him. This made Angi finally satisfy his hunger.  

This nakshatra is referred to as ‘The star of purpose.’ Individuals born under this nakshatra are extremely focused and goal-oriented. They are determined and consistent, refuse to give up unless the goal is achieved. They conquer their rivals and have a high viewpoint about life. These natives need to be the best among other people. They are not ready to accept a second position. With Indra as the presiding deity, these individuals can control their minds and senses. The influence of Agni on the other hand makes them go through transformations that purify them and make them spiritually aware. These natives can suffer from isolation and loneliness. The conflicting nature of the presiding deities of Indra and Agni makes an individual jealous and over-possessive in a relationship. These natives often have to undergo confusion related to their partners. They tend to show fluctuating behaviours in a relationship. Lord Agni has seven tongues and is never satisfied. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to satisfy a Vishakha native in anything. Therefore, no matter what they achieve in their life, they thrive for more.

The four Quarters or Padas of Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra 1st Pada (20°00' to 23°20' Libra, ruled by Mars):

The first pada of Vishakha is influenced by Mars, adding a dynamic and energetic quality to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada are ambitious, action-oriented, and have strong leadership qualities. They are determined and driven to achieve their goals. They have a competitive spirit and thrive in challenging situations. They possess a strong sense of justice and may actively work towards creating a fair and balanced society.

Vishakha Nakshatra 2nd Pada (23°20' to 26°40' Libra, ruled by Venus):

The second pada of Vishakha is governed by Venus, bringing charm, grace, and artistic abilities to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada have a natural flair for aesthetics and appreciate beauty in various forms. They have excellent social skills and can build harmonious relationships. They possess a diplomatic nature and can navigate through different situations with ease. They may excel in creative fields or professions that involve negotiation and communication.

Vishakha Nakshatra 3rd Pada (26°40' to 30°00' Libra, ruled by Mercury):

The third pada of Vishakha is influenced by Mercury, adding intelligence, analytical abilities, and communication skills to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada are intellectually sharp, logical, and possess excellent problem-solving abilities. They have a curious and inquisitive mind, always seeking knowledge and understanding. They have good communication skills and can express their ideas effectively. They may excel in professions that require analysis, research, or intellectual pursuits.

Vishakha Nakshatra 4th Pada (0°00' to 3°20' Scorpio, ruled by Moon):

The fourth pada of Vishakha is ruled by the Moon, adding emotional sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing qualities to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada are compassionate, empathetic, and have a nurturing nature. They have a deep emotional intelligence and can connect with others on an intuitive level. They possess strong instincts and may rely on their gut feelings in decision-making. They have a strong sense of loyalty and may prioritize their relationships.

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