Swati Nakshatra

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra Mythology & Secrets in Vedic Astrology       

             स्वाति नक्षत्रं वायुसुतात्मजा सौभाग्यदायिनी,
            मित्रवर्गप्राणहरा मृदुरूपा प्रियवादिनी।
            संपन्नसौख्या समवेशभूषा समायकारिणी,
            स्वाति नक्षत्रं ज्योतिषे शुभविभागः॥

    Swati Nakshatra, the daughter of Vayu,bestower of good fortune, 
    Remover of obstacles in the friendly group,possessing a gentle form,a bearer of sweet words.
    Endowed with complete happiness, adorned with proper attire, a bringer of harmony,
    Swati Nakshatra is an auspicious division in astrology.

RANGE: 06° 40’ – 20° 00’ Libra


SYMBOL: Young plant shoot blown by the wind



ORIENTATION: Facing straight

QUALITY: Movable


The root of the Sanskrit word ‘swa’ is self or ego. The meaning of this word is the learned or the independent one. The main deity ruling this nakshatra is Vayu who is the wind god. Vayu is the wind god who is the father of Hanuman and Bheema. Hanuman is the epitome of strength, responsibility, and devotion. These are the lessons Saturn is trying to teach everyone through its placement in the horoscope, for this reason, Saturn is considered to be exalted in the sign of Libra and the nakshatra of Swati. Lord Hanuman once thought that the Sun is a fruit and went towards it to eat the Sun. Vayu came and saved his son hanuman from getting hurt. This indicates that when our strength and power are not directed towards a higher goal, we can hurt ourselves for this reason. The nakshatra of Swati represents balance. It is the mid-point of our lives and the universe. It is the equilibrium point between expansion and contractions. Individuals born under this nakshatra are extremely intelligent and charming. They have excellent communication skills. This native can get justice and secure high ranks through personal power and hard work. These individuals are filled with the energy of the wind. They are not fixed, they love to flow with the situation.

The nakshatra of Swati lies in the midpoint of the 27nakshatra belt. As the symbol of this nakshatra suggests, natives under this nakshatra are extremely independent and want to flow with the wind. Just as the deity of this nakshatra Vayu. Individuals under this nakshatra are very dedicated, responsible, and committed. This is one of the most committed Nakshatras in the entire zodiac belt. These natives understand and respect the value of relations and partnerships. Due to the association of the planets Venus and Rahu, natives under this nakshatra are inclined towards comfort and luxury. The natives under this nakshatra often suffer from restlessness and irritability due to the association with the wind. The natives often find it difficult to stay on a single track due to their fluctuating nature.  Although, due to their flexible nature, these natives cannot fight or take a stand for themselves. They are quite diplomatic and refuses to take sides during the chaos.

The four Quarters or Padas of Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra 1st Pada (6°40' to 10°00' Libra, ruled by Mars):

The first pada of Swati is influenced by Mars, adding an energetic and action-oriented quality to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada are courageous, ambitious, and have a pioneering spirit. They are independent thinkers and may seek to explore new territories. They possess leadership qualities and are not afraid to take risks. They have a desire for personal growth and may strive for success in their endeavours.

Swati Nakshatra 2nd Pada (10°00' to 13°20' Libra, ruled by Venus):

The second pada of Swati is governed by Venus, bringing a touch of charm, grace, and artistic flair to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada have a strong aesthetic sense and appreciate beauty in various forms. They possess good social skills and are adept at building harmonious relationships. They have a diplomatic nature and are skilled at resolving conflicts. They may excel in creative fields or professions that involve negotiation.

Swati Nakshatra 3rd Pada (13°20' to 16°40' Libra, ruled by Mercury):

The third pada of Swati is influenced by Mercury, adding intellectual and analytical abilities to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada are often intelligent, logical, and possess good communication skills. They have a curious mind and enjoy learning new things. They are adaptable and flexible, allowing them to navigate through various situations with ease. They may excel in professions that require problem-solving or intellectual pursuits.

Swati Nakshatra 4th Pada (16°40' to 20°00' Libra, ruled by Saturn):

The fourth pada of Swati is ruled by Saturn, bringing discipline, perseverance, and a strong sense of responsibility to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada are hardworking, practical, and have a strong moral compass. They possess a structured approach to life and are committed to their goals. They value stability and may exhibit leadership qualities through their disciplined nature. They have a keen sense of justice and fairness.

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