Rohini Nakshatra

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra Mythology & Secrets in Vedic Astrology

        रोहिणी नक्षत्रं रजनीपत्नी प्रियाकृता,श्रीमती रोहिणी विशेषविभूषिता।
       सुन्दरी शोभामयी च विशालरूपा,रोहिणी नक्षत्रं ज्योतिषे शुभविभागः॥

       Rohini Nakshatra, beloved consort of the night,
       Adorned with grace and splendour, O Rohini!
         Beautiful and majestic in form, 
    Rohini Nakshatra is an auspicious division in astrology.

RANGE: 10° 00’ - 23° 20’ Taurus


SYMBOL: Chariot



ORIENTATION: Upward Facing

QUALITY: Sharp and Soft


Rohini Nakshatra is the fourth Nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Hindu astrology. It is considered one of the most auspicious and influential Nakshatras. Rohini Nakshatra is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi) and spans from 10 degrees to 23 degrees 20 minutes in Taurus. Symbolically, Rohini is represented by a cart or chariot. The ruling deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. The primary motivation behind Rohini Nakshatra is the pursuit of material comforts and pleasures. It is associated with fertility, abundance, and growth. The presiding planet of Rohini Nakshatra is the Moon. The Moon's influence adds emotional sensitivity, nurturing qualities, and a deep connection to nature. Individuals born under this Nakshatra tend to be creative, affectionate, and possess a charming personality. They are often attractive and have a magnetic aura that draws people towards them.

Positive traits associated with Rohini Nakshatra include perseverance, determination, practicality, and a strong sense of responsibility. People born under this Nakshatra are often hardworking and dedicated, which helps them achieve success in their endeavours. They have a strong desire for stability and security and work diligently to create a comfortable and harmonious environment.

The negative traits of Rohini Nakshatra include possessiveness, materialistic tendencies, and a stubborn nature. Individuals born under this Nakshatra can become overly attached to material possessions and may struggle with letting go or adapting to change. They can also be rigid in their beliefs and find it challenging to accept alternative viewpoints.

Rohini Nakshatra is associated with various talents and professions. People born under this Nakshatra often excel in creative fields such as arts, music, acting, or writing. They possess a natural aesthetic sense and an ability to appreciate beauty. Rohini individuals also have a strong connection to nature and may find fulfilment in careers related to agriculture, horticulture, or environmental conservation. In terms of relationships, individuals born under Rohini Nakshatra are devoted and caring partners. They seek emotional security and may value stability and loyalty in their relationships. They have a nurturing nature and make excellent parents and caregivers. The favourable color for Rohini Nakshatra is white, which symbolizes purity and elegance. The gemstone associated with this Nakshatra is a diamond, which is believed to enhance the positive qualities and bring good fortune to those born under Rohini Nakshatra.

The Four Padas of Rohini Nakshatra:

1st Pada: 

This pada falls in Aries Navamsa and is governed by Mars. Planets placed here seek quick and tangible material outcomes. A well-positioned Sun and Mars in this pada can yield positive results.

2nd Pada: 

This pada falls in Taurus Navamsa, ruled by Venus. It represents the strongest motivation within Rohini Nakshatra. Planets in this pada often bring wealth and abundance. Being a Vargottama pada, it offers excellent results. It is the most grounded pada in terms of fulfilling desires. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are well-placed in this pada.

3rd Pada: 

This pada falls in Gemini Navamsa, governed by Mercury. The focus of this pada is on arts, sciences, and business. It is the most adaptable and skilled among Rohini's padas. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn generally yield consistent results in this pada.

4th Pada

This pada falls in Cancer Navamsa, ruled by the Moon. Financial gains often come through short journeys for planets placed here. While there is a maternal quality associated with this pada, individuals can also become possessive and extreme in their behaviors. A well-placed Moon or Jupiter tends to work well in this pada.

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