Pushya Nakshatra

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra Mythology & Secrets in Vedic Astrology

       पुष्य नक्षत्रं बृहस्पतिसूनु प्रियवन्दिता,आद्यायुता सौभाग्यप्रदा सुन्दरी।
      प्रजननशक्तिर्विशेषरूपधारिणी, पुष्य नक्षत्रं ज्योतिषे शुभविभागः॥

     Pushya Nakshatra, adored by the son of Brihaspati (Jupiter), 
  Bestowing primeval vitality and good fortune,beautiful in appearance.
        Possessing the power of procreation in a special form, 
       Pushya Nakshatra is an auspicious division in astrology.

RANGE: 03° 20’ – 16° 40’ Cancer


SYMBOL: Cow’s Udder



ORIENTATION: Upward Facing

QUALITY: Sharp and Soft

COLOUR: Blackish red

The Sanskrit word ‘Push’ translates to ‘nourish.’ Therefore, Pushya is the nakshatra of nourishment. The deity of the nakshatra of Pushya is Brihaspati (Jupiter). According to mythology, Sraddha and her husband Angira performed a series of fire rituals to evoke lord Agni. Delighted by this lord Agni gave him a boon. They prayed to lord Agni for son who will be extraordinarily wise and intellectual. He later become Brihaspati, the advisor of the devas. He established himself as a primary part of the Navagraha. Tara who was the wife of Devaguru Brihaspati felt ignored as he was busy teaching others and performing rituals for the devas. This made Tara elope with Chandra (Moon). Later Tara was forced to come back to her husband Brihaspati. When she came back, she was already pregnant with Chandra’s child who latter was known as Budh (Mercury).

The Nakshatra of Pushya is associated with lord Jupiter. These natives are generally respected by others. Individuals born on this Nakshatra has are well-natured, obedient, consistent, and admired by others. They are generally born rich with a good family. This Nakshatra is a positive karmic nakshatra and helps to improve one's karmas giving them a good life. This Nakshatra gives an individual Jupiter-like quality such as wisdom, compassion, intelligence, and care. The Nakshatra of Pushya is associated with nourishment. Individuals born on this Nakshatra are caring and helps in nurturing others. These natives generally make philanthropists coma entrepreneurs and teachers. They can also be found in the hospitality industry. They are always there to help others even at the cost of their problems. They can love others like their own family. People around these natives comes to them for advice. The Nakshatra Pushya is also associated with knowledge and intelligence. Individuals can be found attaining degrees and going for higher education. These individuals generally enjoy their academic lives and are loved by the teachers. They make great teachers and philosophers who want to guide others to their goals. These natives are born lucky and it can often improve the luck of people around them. The Nakshatra of Pushya despite all its benefits influences is generally not suitable for marriage. Individuals under this Nakshatra generally have some kind of traumas from marriage and children. They are generally well-natured and admired by everyone but are not loved by their spouse and children.

The Four Padas of Pushya Nakshatra:

1st Pada: 

The first pada of Pushya Nakshatra falls in the Leo Navamsa, ruled by the Sun. It emphasizes achievements, wealth, family, and ancestral pride. Planets placed here provide strong support and can contribute to material success.

2nd Pada: 

The second pada of Pushya Nakshatra falls in the Virgo Navamsa, governed by Mercury. It focuses on the achievements of hardworking professionals. This pada brings good material results and rewards for diligent efforts.

3rd Pada: 

The third pada of Pushya Nakshatra falls in the Libra Navamsa, ruled by Venus. The emphasis here is on home, luxury, and creature comforts. Favorable planets for this pada include Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon.

4th Pada: 

The fourth pada of Pushya Nakshatra falls in the Scorpio Navamsa, ruled by Mars. It represents the occult aspects that attempt to connect the native with celestial powers. However, negative traits such as intolerance and excessive dependence on others can also manifest in this pada.

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