Hasta Nakshatra

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra Mythology & Secrets in Vedic Astrology      

       हस्ता नक्षत्रं विश्वकर्मसुता समारूपिणी,
       गृहाधिपत्यादिसुखप्रदा प्राणान्तिका।
       संपन्नकार्या सर्वतोमुखी समर्पितात्मनी,
       हस्ता नक्षत्रं ज्योतिषे शुभविभागः॥
 Hasta Nakshatra, the daughter of Vishwakarma, assuming various forms,
Bestowing happiness through the lordship of houses and other comforts, leading to the end of life.
      Accomplished in tasks, with a face turned in all directions, self-surrendered, 
             Hasta Nakshatra is an auspicious division in astrology.

RANGE: 10° 00’ – 23° 20’ Virgo





ORIENTATION: Facing straight

QUALITY: Light and swift

COLOUR: Deep green

The word Hasta translates to Hands. This relates to the quality and ability of this nakshatra. Hasta is one of the most creative Nakshatras and is associated with all kinds of mental and physical games on this plane. A universal theme revolving around this nakshatra is the usage of Hasta Sthapaniyaagama shakti – The power to put one’s object of desire in one’s hands. Hasta nakshatra has the power to achieve one’s desire through talent and creativity. Hasta is associated with the planet Moon and the deity ruling this nakshatra is Savitur. Savitur translates to ‘the one with a golden hand’. Everything he touched would become light and prosperous. He is the giver of creative energy. He manifests everything that we inspire from our hands. He ruled over all the mantas and Vedic words. Also, the most important and powerful mantra - ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is used to invoke him. He also rules over all the weapons used by the gods in their battles.  

Hasta natives often suffer due to their own laziness and ignorance. They are filled with creativity and talent but it is difficult for them to understand and use them. Hasta natives are optimistic and light-hearted individuals who are known for their creative abilities. These creative skills include skills that are specially done from the hands. Hasta is nakshatra which rules over all kinds of physical and mind games. For such reason, you will often find an hasta native excelling in sports. Natives under this nakshatra are good at solving problems, puzzles, they are often diplomatic and practical. Due to the association of this nakshatra with planet Moon, these natives are generally good-looking and humble. They are mostly clever and wealthy born in good families.

The main planetary influence influencing this nakshatra is the Moon and Mercury. The moon has a fluctuating emotional nature and Mercury has a practical selfish nature. For this reason, Hasta natives can often be seen to have imbalanced personalities. They are very talented but are often very selfish and tend to hurt others with their behavior. According to the Vedic scripts, Savitur rules over the divine weapons used by the goods, a Hasta native can easily win battles and win over the enemies. They have an advantage in all battles and can easily accomplish things without much hard work.

The four Quarters or Padas of Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra 1st Pada (10°00' to 13°20' Virgo, ruled by Mars):

The first pada of Hasta is influenced by Mars, bringing a dynamic and assertive quality to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada are determined, ambitious, and driven to achieve their goals. They possess strong leadership abilities and can take charge of situations effectively. They have a practical approach and are skilled at handling challenges with courage and vigour.

Hasta Nakshatra 2nd Pada (13°20' to 16°40' Virgo, ruled by Venus):

The second pada of Hasta is governed by Venus, adding artistic and creative qualities to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada are often skilled in fine arts, crafts, or any creative pursuits. They have a refined taste and appreciate beauty in various forms. They are diplomatic in their interactions and have a charming demeanour. They possess good communication skills and can express themselves eloquently.

Hasta Nakshatra 3rd Pada (16°40' to 20°00' Virgo, ruled by Mercury):

The third pada of Hasta is influenced by Mercury, bringing intellectual and analytical abilities to this Nakshatra. Individuals born in this pada have a sharp mind, excellent communication skills, and a detail-oriented approach. They possess practical problem-solving abilities and can adapt to different situations effortlessly. They excel in professions that require precision and organization.

Hasta Nakshatra 4th Pada (20°00' to 23°20' Virgo, ruled by Moon):

The fourth pada of Hasta is ruled by the Moon, adding sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing qualities to this Nakshatra. People born in this pada are compassionate, empathetic, and have a nurturing nature. They have good interpersonal skills and can form deep emotional connections with others. They possess a natural sense of rhythm and may be drawn to music or dance. They have a gentle and caring approach in their interactions.

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