Astrology and Relationships

Acharya Ashish Jaiprakash
Astrology and Relationships

5 planetary combinations in a horoscope that reveal troubles in a relationship

“The Astrological Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Relationship Issues: Unveiling the Planetary Combinations Behind Love, Romance, and Marriage"

                           Relationships are a dance, a symphony divine,
                        A balance of sameness and uniqueness, intertwined.
                            Safety for the mind, in similarity we find,
                      Delight for the heart and soul, in the one-of-a-kind.

                         Together we move, exploring and discovering,
                   Celebrating our similarities, cherishing our differences.
                      Each step a new discovery, each note a new feeling,
                    A beautiful world revealed, in the dance of relating

"Spiritually, a relationship means two things - that we are all very similar and that we are all so unique. This similarity gives a sense of safety to the mind, which is most concerned about it. The uniqueness delights our hearts and souls, making the world look beautiful. A relationship is an endeavor of the heart to find similarities while exploring and enjoying the uniqueness of another heart, another soul, and another being.

But what happens when a heart finds it impossible to love another heart? What happens when a soul finds it impossible to go on and gets stuck in a dead relationship? What happens when emotions go out of control and the mind becomes crazy? What happens when trust becomes a debate and love becomes the victim of reason?

Love has the power to bridge the gap between hearts, to bring two souls closer, and merge them into one. It ignites a spark of intimacy that grows into a burning flame of passion, drawing us irresistibly towards each other. In its warm embrace, we find safety and security, a sense of belonging that fills us with joy and contentment. On the other hand, hate, doubt, lust, and greed create an insurmountable distance, a chasm that seems impossible to cross. They feed on negative emotions, driving us further and further away from one another, until we feel lost and alone. The intense desire to escape their grip becomes overwhelming, and we yearn to flee as far away as possible, seeking refuge from their toxic influence.

Believe it or not, more than 50% of the people who approach an astrologer have some issue related to a relationship. Without intellectualizing the causes and reasons that lead to problems in the relationship, we will discuss only the astrological part of the issues.

Our ancient astrological and Vedic texts clearly describe in great detail the planetary combinations that reveal the fault lines and the probable reasons that usually lead to various kinds of relationship issues.

In this article, we will explore the relationship issues related to love, romance, marriage, divorce, extramarital relationships, lack of trust between partners, and sexual, emotional, mental, or social incompatibility, etc. There are hundreds of planetary combinations that can reveal relationship problems.

I will share only the top 5 planetary combinations in a horoscope that, according to my experience, are the most common combinations that reveal troubles in a relationship:

  •  For any question related to such issues, first look at the position of Venus in the horoscope. A debilitated Venus, Venus in a bad house, Venus in bad company, or Venus is aspect by a bad planet is a sure sign of an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship.
  • The 7th lord in the 8th house may be a sign of a lack of trust in a relationship. The 7th lord in the 8th house is certainly not a good situation for peace and harmony in a relationship.
  • The 8th lord in the 7th house may be a sign of involvement of external forces in the relationship. Perhaps an old flame may come and burn the happiness of the house. It may also be a sign of an unpleasant secret that may come out in the open and ruin the relationship beyond repair.
  •  The 6th lord in the 7th house may reveal a constant conflict between the couple, and the 7th lord in the 6th house may be equally bad and may signify an unpleasant alliance or uncomfortable companionship. When the energies of the 6th house affect the 7th house or lord in any way, it creates some problem for sure.
  •  A debilitated, weak, or badly placed 7th lord is also one of the most common signs of relationship issues.

If any one of you is facing any problem regarding love, romance, marriage, divorce, lack of trust or love in a relationship, or facing issues concerning mental, emotional, and physical compatibility, astrology can guide you to understand your karmic obligations and prepare you to deal with these issues in the best possible manner.

"In existence, nothing happens without a reason. You are one storehouse of energy, and in the big cosmic game, you have a role to play. Remember, you are life, and you are serving a divine purpose."


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